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ASC Classes

Introduction To Handgun

Instructor: Jack Denham
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Cost: $30

Pre-registration is required!

To register contact Jack Denham at 817-602-2281 or email: ONEEYEJD@ATT.NET

Basic Firearms Classes

Contact NRA Certified Instructors:

Bobby Klenka at 817-455-8387 or email: and/or
Jack Denham at 817-602-2281 or email: ONEEYEJD@ATT.NET to set up a time!

We may also be available to do CHL classes on dates other than what is listed above, contact us for more information!

Additional Classes by Larry Patterson

Call for more information: 817-501-3182

  • 18 February        9am until 2:30pm       LTC Class
  • 18 March            8am until 5pm           NRA Pistol Course
  • 19 March            9am until 3pm           Bow Hunter Field Course
  • 15 April              8am until 6pm            NRA Range Safety Officer Course
  • 23 April              8am until 4pm            Hunter Education and Field Course
  • 20 May              9am until 2:30pm        LTC Class
  • 24 June              8am until 5pm            NRA Rifle Course
  • 15 July               8am until 5pm            NRA Pistol Course
  • 19 August           9am until 2:30pm       LTC Class
  • 16 September     8am until 5pm            NRA Pistol Course
  • 15 October          9am until 3pm           Bow Hunter Field Course
  • 19 November       8am until 4pm           Hunter Education and Field Course

Pricing for ASC Members only.
When registering on the NRA website, put in the notes that you are an “ASC member” to ensure your discount.

  • NRA PistolClass                  $100
  • DPS LTC                            $75
  • NRA RifleClass                    $100
  • NRA HomeFirearmSafety      $75
  • NRA Refuse to Be A Victim   $25
  • NRA RangeSafetyOfficer      $100
  • NRA ShotgunClass              $100

Upcoming 2022 License to Carry - LTC Courses

8:00 am - 2:00 pm - Schaefer Pavilion

  • Club member cost is $65
  • To resister contact Jack Denham     ONEEYEJD@ATT.NET or (817) 602-2281

January 9th           Sunday

February 20th       Saturday

March 19th            Saturday

April  9th                Saturday

May 14th               Saturday

June 12th              Sunday

July 16th               Saturday

August 21st           Sunday

September 17th     Saturday

October 16th          Sunday

November 12th      Saturday

December              ** NO CLASS**

Proficiency shooting will be done on Range A 

The class is primarily for ASC members;  however  non-members may attend (and pay a range fee)

Due to the popularity of the classes, it is necessary to make reservation.  When cancellations occur (in schedule classed, an offer to change to earlier classes will be given to those with reservations on a "first come, first served: basis.  The classes start at 8:30 and usually finish by 2pm.  The are scheduled on alternating "Saturdays" or "Sundays: to accommodate most folks.  Information on the classes may be obtained by sending and email to ONEEYEJD@ATT.NET

ASC is a members only club

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