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Hey y'all: Welcome to the ASC Cowboy Action area AKA the Trinity Valley Regulators

We shoot every 3rd Sunday of the month starting at 1pm... We usually wind up around 4:30.. Please try and get there at least 15 minutes prior to the shoot so we can get you signed in.

Really want to shoot but dont have all your guns yet? No problem we really like to share! You need to bring 80 rounds of .38 lead bullets (no jacketed/clad bullets allowed) and about 20 12ga or 20ga shotgun shells, preferably featherweights but anything will do as long as its #4 or smaller..We always have extra guns with us..You do not have to be a club member to shoot matches or watch..

Not quite ready to try it?? That's ok too... Come on out and watch..
See just how fast we can miss a large metal target that is just 15 feet away!

Please contact me with any questions you have!
Tel: 972-206-2624

Ted Cross
Black Powder/Cowboy Action Director

Cowboy Action Pistol

Cowboy Action Definitions

Cowboy Action Equipment




Basically any single action revolver or reproduction designed during the mid to late 1800s.
A competitor's revolver choice and propellant will dictate his or her category.

Cowboy Action Categories


Any .32 caliber larger single action with adjustable sights. To shoot in the MODERN category, at least one hand gun must be equipped with adjustable sights. Example: Colt New Frontier, Ruger Blackhawk


Example: Colt SAA, Ruger Vaquero, SW #3 or Schofield, Bisleys Sights must conform

Frontier Cartridge


Requires a "Traditional" style single action, cocked and fired one handed, unsupported. The revolver, hand, or shooting arm may not be touched by the off-hand except when resolving a malfunction. Any legal shotgun, rifle, and propellant may be used.


This category requires 2 "Traditional" style single actions, both shoot Duelist style one right handed and the other left handed. Any shotgun, rifle, propellant maybe used.


Same as Frontier Cartridge and guns are limited to .36 caliber larger percussion revolvers shot Duelist style.


Ages 12 - 16


Traditional Category for competitors over 48 years old.


Competitors 60 years or older.
Senior Duelist, Modem and Traditional are also recognized.

Elder Statesman

Competitors 70 years or older.

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