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All ASC members and friends are invited to shoot archery. All ages are invited.

NOTE: Neither Broadheads/Hunting Points nor Crossbows allowed on any archery range. 
The monthly shoots are held on the first Saturday and the following Sunday of the month.
For Saturday, sign-in at 8:30a, shoot at 9:00a.
For Sunday, sign-in at 1:00p, shoot at 1:30p.
All 3D shoots will consists of "one arrow" shot at 30 targets set at varied distances
from the "Class Designated" shooting stake. Shot scoring will follow the "IBO" scoring 
system for 0 (miss), 5, 8, 10, or 11 points per shot, thus a max of 330 points for the round.
For more information related to ASC Archery please contact:
Class Designated shooting stakes/distances will be determined by modified ASA rules as follows:

Shooter's Class - Stake Color - Max Distance/Yards

Compound Traditional (Long Bow & Recurve)
Class Stake Color Max Dist Class Stake Color Max Dist
Master Hunter Green 50 yards Men's Traditional Blue 30 yards
Hunter Green 50 yards Ladies Traditional Blue 30 yards
Novice White 40 yards Junior Traditional Yellow 20 yards
Ladies White 40 yards Youth Traditional Yellow 20 yards
Junior Blue 30 yards      
Youth Blue 30 yards      

Junior - Under 16 years old

Youth - Under 11 years old



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